Daily Inspiration – How much are you Worth?

Transform Your Life with Tony T Robinson.

Quote of the Day. 

Your self-worth self esteem and self confidence is not usually measured in dollars pounds euro’s or any other monetary currency but just imagine it was, how much are you worth? Before you read on think about that for a moment and answer that question with a number ………….. Ok good, so do you have an amount in mind because generally people are going to ridiculously underestimate their worth. Of course there is not a correct answer to this question and I am not talking about how much money you have in the bank but if you said you are priceless you have pretty much hit the nail on the head. So lets all assume for a minute that you are priceless that there is not enough money on earth to equal your value that makes you some pretty hot stuff right? So let me ask you another question…

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Daily Confidence Affirmation Video..

Hi guys. Im sorry I have posted her for such a long time but I have been busy on my new blog called Daily Inspiration which you can check out here – http://transformyourlife4ever.wordpress.com/

But that isnt the purpose of this post. This post is to give you the link to my confidence affirmations video which I hope you take a second to check out. Hope you have a great day.

Tony T.

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The best way to Predict your future is to Create it.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” —Peter F. Drucker.

Now we all know that nobody can actually predict the future but yet we are all somehow responsible for our own future aren’t we? Every action, every choice that we make has a reaction, it has repercussions, what we do today has an affect on our life tomorrow. How we were raised as children had a profound affect on who we became as adults and how we relate to ourselves and others in the world and then as adults we become responsible for how the next generation are raised. Far too often people feel struck or trapped in their lives and they don’t feel that they have a choice, they don’t feel they can positively do something to make their lives better but we all have a choice and every thought every action has consequences and when you stop for a moment and truly think about that fact you will realise that this makes you the most powerful person in your life. Suddenly there is no stuck, there is no uncertainty because taking positive action again and again will eventually create a positive outcome, I am not saying there wont be bumps in the road along the way but you cannot be a passenger in your own life and expect to reach a fulfilling destination. Every day take responsibility for your life. If there is something you want to change then change it, if there is something you wish was better stop wishing and take action to change it. You are the architect of your life, you design it, you plan it and ultimately you get to live it so make sure that you are living according to your plan to your desire to whatever completes you and recognise that you are the MOST POWERFUL PERSON IN YOUR LIFE.- Taken from my blog

http://transformyourlife4ever.wordpress.com/ Please check it out for daily quotes and Affirmations. ❤

Thanks Tony.

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New Daily Inspiration.



I have just posted a new Daily Inspiration over on my new blog. I have even added a new feature called Daily Focus which will help you to attract more positivity into your life so please go over there and check it out. 

here is the link. http://transformyourlife4ever.wordpress.com/ 

have a great day my friend. 



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New Post from Daily Inspiration.



Hello everyone. I hope you have had a great week and are looking forward to pushing yourself next week and becoming the best version of yourself that you can be. 

If you need a little help along then way then dont forget to check out my new blog Daily Inspiration to give you that extra boost. 

big hugs. 


here is the link. –  http://wp.me/p4LrtD-1l

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Check out my new Blog. Daily Inspiration.


For the next few days I am going to post a link here to my new blog called Daily Inspiration. Its designed to give you a quick boost and combines my favourite things, affirmations and quotes. 

Dont forget to follow or follow by email to make sure you receive them everyday. 

Thanks Tony. 

Hope you have a great day. 

Here is the link. http://wp.me/p4LrtD-1j

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New Blog – Daily Inspiration.

Daily Inspiration.


Please go over and check out my new blog called Daily Inspiration.

I have created a new blog to run along side Build Your Confidence however the new blog is designed to give you a dose of Daily Inspiration. It combines my passion for Quotes, picture quotes and Affirmations so you will get all three everyday.

I hope you like it, and don’t forget to follow by email so that you can get it delivered directly to your email inbox everyday.

Have a great day my friend.

ps.. here is the link. http://wp.me/p4LrtD-13

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10 Motivational Quotes to boost your Confidence.

I am often asked by people for quotes to boost their confidence or to increase their self-esteem or to say something motivational so I decided to write a book of quotes for exactly that purpose.  Below are the first 10 quotes from my book “101 Quotes that will change your life” now available on amazon


Right now, this very second you are the best that you can be because you cannot be anything other than what you are. Celebrate yourself. Love yourself. Respect yourself. Accept yourself. Trust yourself. Have faith in yourself and know that you are a good person.


Greatness is achieved by overcoming challenges and by pushing yourself to do things you didn’t know that you could do but believed in yourself enough to try. Nothing rewarding ever came without effort. Try and if that doesn’t work try again, then try harder. Remember that you are worth the effort.


You are the living embodiment of Ultimate Hope, Pure Love and Infinite Possibilities. You can do anything when you apply yourself and have faith in your abilities. Never give up. Never back down. Stay strong and know that you can do it.


If you follow someone else’s path you will end up at their destination. Follow your dreams; listen to where your heart is calling you to go. Enjoy your journey and find your own destination, you owe it to yourself to fulfil the destiny that is rightfully yours.


I have found that the people who accuse you of being selfish are only doing so because you are not doing what they want, when they want, in the way they want you to do it and if that makes you selfish then so be it because really they are the ones who are being selfish for expecting you to meet their demands and needs ahead of your own.  Don’t feel guilty, don’t feel bad about yourself instead realise that they are trying to manipulate you for their own interests, to fulfil their needs; they are not concerned by what you want or need, so ask yourself who is being selfish and who is letting who down?


We all need validation, for someone to tell us that we are doing well, that we are doing the right thing and are on the right path. The problem is we look for that validation in the wrong place. We seek external validation from friends, family, teachers etc, but we need to turn that need inwards and validate ourselves. We need to trust our own instincts and know what we are doing is the right thing for ourselves. We also need to congratulate and applaud ourselves for our achievements. Yes it is nice to receive recognition from other people but let that be the icing on the cake. You need to be the cake. You are the foundation. You need to believe it first otherwise you give far too much power to other people who may not always have your best interests at heart and if you do not really believe in yourself when you receive compliments from other people you will be incapable of accepting it. Love and trust yourself first and confidence will flow through you.


The best investment you will ever make is in YOURSELF, never forget that you are worth the effort. Every struggle you endure today will benefit you tomorrow and in the future. Eat right, exercise often, believe in yourself, push yourself harder than yesterday, do what scares you, give of yourself willingly and watch the quality of your life improve daily. When you love and respect yourself you will receive love and respect from others. Prove to yourself and the world just how valuable you truly are.


Every day is an opportunity to start again, to wipe the slate clean, to forget the mistakes and disappointments of yesterday and to move on, it is an opportunity to make new decisions, implement new plans, start new healthy habits, create boundaries and allow positivity and love into your life. You can be who you want to be, you can do what you want to do. You do not have to be restricted or defined by previous actions. You are in control of your life, you are in control of your actions and that means you have the ultimate power over your life just make sure that you are living it your way and to the best of your ability.


In life you are guaranteed to get it wrong, to make mistakes, hurt the ones you love, fall, fail and feel fed up but that doesn’t mean that you give up. You shake it off, learn from it and grow as a person so that you make less and less mistakes in the future. Remember what is a negative today can be turned into a positive tomorrow.


Don’t cry for the person that you used to be. Thank them because without them you couldn’t be the beautiful strong person that you are today. We are all evolving and must shed the skin of our yesterdays in order to blossom into who we are supposed to be today.



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5 Steps to Change Your Limiting Beliefs.


“The world is your oyster and you are the Pearl. Don’t confine yourself with limiting beliefs” – Tony T Robinson. 

Take a moment to think about your limiting beliefs and then answer these questions.

  • Do you really know what your limiting beliefs are?
  • Do you know where they came from?
  • Do you know how they started?
  • Do you know when they started?

They sound simple enough questions right, but when you start to think about the answers suddenly they are not so easy, but then I don’t ask easy questions.

We all have limiting beliefs. We all believe there are things that we cannot do or goals that we cannot achieve but  generally these beliefs are unfounded because we have never actually put ourselves to the test to see exactly what we are capable of. The reason we never have tried is because we have already unconsciously decided that we are not worthy enough, not good enough, that we will fail and we can never be successful.

Quite often these ideas begin when you are very young and often stay with you throughout your life and can certainly restrict the quality of  your life. You can change that by following these 5 Steps.

Step 1.

Firstly make a list all of your limiting beliefs, they may sound something like –

  • I can’t do it because……
  • I’m not good enough because……
  • I’m not smart enough……
  • Nobody will like me because……
  • I cant speak to that person because…….

These are just a few but make a good long list of all of your limiting beliefs.

Step 2.

Now ask yourself “Why do I believe that” in relation to each point.

Is it because – (these are just a few suggestions)

  • That’s what you were told when you were younger.
  • Because you have been scared to try and have now made that fear a reality.
  • Because you were hurt by someone else and now believe that everyone else will hurt you.
  • Because you were bullied.
  • Because the fear of failure is unbearable.

Oh and for the record, the answer “I don’t know” is not acceptable. Think harder, search deeper, sure it may be painful; yes it may open some old wounds but now is an opportunity to heal those wounds properly and change your mind-set forever.

Step 3.

Now that you have identified the limiting belief and where it came from you have an opportunity to change it because you have now exposed the unconscious belief and made it conscious. When you do that you have the ability to deal with it and have have greater control of it.

Now that you can see your limiting beliefs in black and white you can decide whether you want to continue to allow them to affect your life.

Start working your way through each belief and ask yourself “Do I still believe this is true and do I want to allow it to control my life”.

Hopefully the answer is NO and that means you can start to take action to change those beliefs.

Step 4

Next to each negative belief I want you to create an opposite/positive belief. You can do this as a form of affirmation. Here is an example –

Limiting belief – I really want to start my own business but I know that it will fail because I am not good enough or smart enough.

New Belief – I really want to start my own business and I know that with hard work I can make it successful because I believe in myself and I am capable of making my dreams come true.

What you need to do is change the tape, when you hear the old voice saying something negative you need to take it out and throw it in the trash and replace it with the new positive message you have created for yourself. You may have to do this several times until the message becomes part of your new positive unconscious belief system, and that’s OK because practice makes perfect, so the more you do it the quicker  you will see results.

Now that you are aware of what those beliefs are and where they came from you can drawer a line in the sand and refuse to allow them to affect you. Remember you are the Director in your life you don’t need to be an extra.

Remember you can do it.

Step 5.

Now that you have identified and understand your beliefs, know where they came from and why, have realised that you don’t have to believe them any more and have created a new positive belief its time to take action. Here’s how –

  • Decide on one issue you want to work on.
  • Create an action plan. (ask yourself what do I want to achieve and how can I do it. Make a list of positive steps you can take towards changing that belief. This includes doing the thing you are scared of)
  • Take one small action every day without fail.
  • Regardless of the success of that action do it again tomorrow.
  • Remember what worked well and repeat it.

Here is an example of how to create your action plan.  Imagine this is the scenario – You find it difficult talking to new people in social situations.

  • Each day you must speak to at least one new person. You can ask a stranger for the time or directions,  tell someone that they have an adorable dog, at this point it really doesn’t matter what you say.
  • Dont worry about their response. This isn’t about them. You have no control over anyone else’s actions.
  • Praise yourself for doing it.
  • Do it again tomorrow and the next day until you feel comfortable speaking to someone you dont know.
  • When you are comfortable doing that try and engage in conversation. Most people who have a dog or a child will love to stop for a minute to talk about them so that’s always a good starting point.
  • Dont expect anything. Dont worry about what you will say or how you will sound. DONT judge yourself because they are not judging you even though you think they are.
  • You can even create a chart with a list of daily actions and then tick them off so you can see your progress.
  • When you feel comfortable in that situation take it to the next level, perhaps talking to someone in a bar or a party. Step outside of your comfort zone a bit. Dont forget you will already be more confident because of the actions you taken previously.
  • Remember when you feel comfortable and confident at the level you are at take it up a notch and remember nothing bad is going to happen. Even if someone doesn’t speak to you that is about them not about you. Just keep going and try again.

I know what your thinking. This is a lot of work! Well nobody said it was going to be easy but focus on the end result. You have to put the work in now so that you can benefit from it in the future. You cant build a house without first laying the foundations other wise your house is going to collapse. Building your confidence is exactly the same (hence the use of the word building). Take it day at a time and as long as you are being proactive then you cant lose.

Remember you are worth the effort and at the end of it you will reap the rewards my friend.

Thanks, Tony.

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You can Transform.


Quite often we think of a transformation as something spectacular or grandiose and extravagant but in reality that’s not true, we all go through transformations whether it is changing the way you think or relate to a person or situation, changing a bad habit, implementing new habits, eating healthier, exercising, moving on to a more challenging job, having children, being in a relationship, all of these experiences will change us in some way on some level thereby creating a transformation.

You can either be conscious and aware of these transformations or live your life blinkered without acknowledging your achievements, alternatively you can create purpose in your life by actively seeking out and implementing a transformation of your design.

This is especially true of our psychology because until you can change your thinking, your attitude or your way of relating to something nothing in the physical world would be able to change because the driving force, the thought behind it has yet to transform.

So keep in mind that you have the power to change, you have the ability to create the life you want for yourself and your transformation regardless of how big or small is in your hands, all you have to do to start is to make the decision to change and then start to follow it through…….. Look out for and enjoy your transformations my confidence warriors

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